Ferrous Metal Primer .75L Euroquart


Interior or exterior, oil-based metal primer.

Surfaces: Rust-proofing primer for ferrous metal (iron, steel) (Note: Recommended for nailheads in siding. Sand rust before application. Please inquire about specialized primers if painting metals other than iron or steel.)

Applications: Metal doors, wrought-iron fences and furniture, farm and garden tools and equipment.

This product cannot be shipped to Hawaii.


Ferrous Metal Primer is a superior rust-proofing coating for iron and steel when used prior to the application of FPE paints. This primer offers good hiding power and is recommended for interior and exterior use to seal metal surfaces and provide good adhesion for final coats. For maximum durability, use two coats of Ferrous Metal Primer. Ferrous Metal Primer is off-white in color.

Surfaces contaminated by oil or grease should be cleaned with a solvent. Rust and loosely adhering particles should be removed by a wire brush or emery cloth.

Tools: Use a first quality, clean, natural bristle brush (we recommend the Omega Small Flats, S57’s, or the Omega Large Full Oval S55-2; for exterior work or larger brush projects, we recommend the Omega Large Full Oval S55-2 or S55-3).

Work area should be well ventilated.

.75L container covers 120 sq. ft.

Almost unlimited in original unopened containers.


  • Binder: Modified long oil pentaphtalic resin
  • Pigments: Titanium dioxide and zinc phosphate—free of lead or chrome-based pigments
  • Solvent: FPE Mineral Spirits
  • Clean up: FPE Mineral Spirit
  • Specular gloss (60°/85°): 54/92
  • Recommended film thickness:
    • wet: 60–70 microns/coat
    • dry: 35– 40 microns/coat
  • Drying time: 3 to 5 hours tack free 24 hours recoatable
  • Light reflectance: 92.4%
  • VOC: 521 g/l

Ferrous Metal Primer White – FOR U.S. ONLY