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In 1987, our company was founded in the belief that the only interior paints worth using were those with traditional oil formulations. While acknowledging that these finishes released odors and required overnight drying time between coats, we embraced a form of the “no pain, no gain” philosophy and accepted these inconveniences in exchange for the superior beauty and enhanced longevity which we believed could only be obtained by using traditional high-quality alkyd paints which dry slowly and emit odors. For the first eight years of operations, Fine Paints of Europe sold only traditional solventborne coatings.

In 1996, responding to requests from numerous clients who were demanding an odorless, quick-drying alternative to our solventborne oil finishes, we began to field-test state-of-the-art, waterborne formulations from the Netherlands; the best Europe had to offer. We were shocked to discover that the quality differential between premium domestic waterbornes and their finest Dutch counterparts was even greater than that which we had discovered in solventborne coatings.

Eurolux odorless acrylic paint now accounts for more than half of our total sales. This remarkable coating, easily applied by homeowner or professional, has been recognized as the perfect coating for an active lifestyle. Walls painted with Eurolux Matte are as scrubbable as gloss enamel and can reasonably be expected to yield ten to fifteen years of beauty, pleasure and service.

Odorless formulation: Eurolux does not “off gas” or release odors.
Easy clean up: brushes and rollers are readily cleaned with detergent and warm water.
Easy application: Eurolux rolls or brushes on effortlessly and levels beautifully. Eurolux may also be sprayed.
Scrubbable: easily washed non-chalky finish allows the use of matte wall paints in kitchens, bathrooms and children’s rooms. As washable as tile!
Quick drying: 1 coat of primer and 2 finish coats can be applied in one day – Eurolux Matte is normally recoatable in one hour.
Non-Yellowing whites: ideal for use in U.V. deprived areas, windowless rooms, and kitchens or baths with white appliances.
Low VOC: low toxicity – kind to the environment.