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Fine Paints of Europe in the press

Here, the dining table and benches are of New Zealand teak, the rattan sofa by Bielecky Brothers has cushions in a Perennials fabric, and the pendant lights are from Circa Antiques; the walls are painted in White, the ceiling in Silver Gray, and the window frames and doors in Black, all by Fine Paints of Europe.

— Article by Charles Curkin, April 17, 2023

However, in 2023, mauve is undergoing a rebrand as a romantic neutral that works in every and any room. In Vogue’s annual interior trends report, multiple designers cited the romantic earth tone as the “it” color for the upcoming year. “Mauve is a rich color that can swing both traditional and modern, and it feels fresh,” interior designer Heidi Caillier tells Vogue.

— Article by Elise Taylor, March 16, 2023

My ultimate favorite black has as much to do with the sheen as it does with the color: Fine Paints of Europe’s HollandLac in black is the ultimate for glossy black doors. I’ve used this on most of my own homes (and a few for clients). It requires an expert application, but the results are sublime; glossy to the point of reflection, this paint finishes like black glass.

— Dan Mazzarini, Principal and Creative Director, BHDM Design

Landing an oil based lacquer from Fine Paints of Europe catches the light from the window well chandelier.

The one departure is English’s storybook bedroom, a happy riot of deep blue, forest green, and sunshine yellow that Raven dreamed up with Sams. “When we finished it, one of my friends came in and said, ‘Oh, my gosh, it looks like Goodnight Moon.’ I had never thought about it, but it does.”

By: Lindsey Mather
Photography by: Peter Frank Edwards
Styling by: Gregory Blake Sams

My decorating is often inspired by art and this colour reminded me of Yves Klein blue. I love to use it in studies or libraries as blue represents wisdom and knowledge. It’s electric enough that it inspires, but also reminds me of the sea connecting one to nature.

— Sasha Bikoff

Ibis Isle Blue by Fine Paints of Europe coats the walls of an interior designed by Sasha Bikoff.

The home, which is located in a historic building, glows with artistic flair

By Heidi Mitchell | Photography by Douglas Friedman | Styled by Anita Sarsidi

Sarah Wetenhall’s Manhattan apartment is decidedly different from her celebrated Colony Hotel in Palm Beach

Canadian designer Colette van den Thillart transforms a historic home into a lush, inventive paradise.

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