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Key Primer .75L Euroquart


Interior or exterior, waterborne primer for metals, fiberglass and plastics (Note: Not for polyesters or hard PVC).

Surfaces: Bonding primer for use on all metals, galvanized finishes and most plastics

Applications: Plastic furniture, gutters, range hoods, plastic shutters and vinyl siding

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Key Primer is a state-of-the-art, waterborne primer. This primer offers good hiding power and adhesion. Key Primer is suitable for interior and exterior use. Tools used for the application of Key Primer clean up easily with hot water. Keyprimer is non-combustible. Keyprimer is off-white in color.

One coat of FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat must be applied over Key Primer in instances where Hollandlac Brilliant or Satin is the desired topcoat.

Surfaces contaminated by oil or grease should be cleaned with solvent. Roughen surface with fine sandpaper.

Tools: Use synthetic brush or foam “throw away” applicator.

Do not apply when temperature is below 50°F, above 90°F, or when relative humidity is above 80%.

.75L container covers 120 sq. ft.


  • Drying time: 30 minutes tack free (at 68°F and 65% humidity)
  • 8 hours recoatable
  • Finish: Matte, off white

Key Primer – FOR U.S. ONLY