Oil Tintable Primer


Fine Paints Of Europe is pleased to announce that oil solventborne alkyd primers are now available in the same unlimited range of colors as our paints.

By using the new tinted primers (especially in darker hues) clients can be assured of maximum opacity and durability. Fine Paints requested this new system from our Dutch supplier after learning of its benefits which were first discovered by German automobile manufacturers in the 1970’s.

Oil tintable primer was developed as an enhancement for existing paint systems. This product is not intended to create a one coat paint system over primer. REMEMBER – a sound paint system is always comprised of at least one coat of high-quality primer followed by a minimum of two coats of finish paint.

*2.5 liter Eurogallon not available in California.

This product cannot be shipped to Hawaii.

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Please note: Fine Paints of Europe recognizes spray application as an excellent method to apply our coatings, however we do not consult on the specifications nor the equipment needed to do so.

On sound calcimine: Painting over inexpensive calcimine paint has long been problematic because of its hard to stick to, chalky surface.

Fine Paints of Europe has developed the perfect solution to this problem in our Calcimine Undercoat and Calcimine Recoater offerings, namely our Oil Primer and Matte Oil.

These two products are specifically designed to penetrate deep into the binder-less calcimine and add back the missing binder.

No sanding necessary, simply roll on one coat of Calcimine Undercoater, followed by two topcoats of Calcimine Recoater. This system’s ability to “laminate” will reinforce and stabilize calcimine’s delicate film.

Oil Primer and Matte Oil are highly effective for calcimine surfaces. These two products are offered as a calcimine primer and calcimine recoater and are specially formulated to add years of service and polish back to your walls.