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American homeowners face the daunting task of maintaining the painted exteriors of structures that are subject to some of the most varied and punishing weather condition in the world. Homes in our country endure combinations of conditions that include extreme heat and cold, wide variations in humidity, intense ultraviolet light, airborne pollutants, as well as rain, ice and snow.

Owners of American homes are further challenged by the broad range of wood species and grades now being used for residential construction. Few homeowners are aware of the wood variety or grade used to construct their homes. Painting methods and materials which perform well on cedar, for example, are not necessarily appropriate for mahogany or long-leaf pine. The wood species used most often on modern homes, even costly ones, is inexpensive pine or spruce, short-lived varieties known to hold exterior paint very poorly and to have a short life expectancy.

Finally, even those homes constructed of prime varieties of wood such as cedar and mahogany will not hold paint properly if they are poorly constructed or painted incorrectly the first time. In a competitive market place, American home builders frequently take shortcuts during the construction phase that impact the appearance and longevity of exterior paints for the life of the home. The most common example of such short-sighted expediency is the failure of builders to back-prime siding and trim before it is nailed in place. This cardinal rule has been ignored during the construction of 97% of American homes built since 1960! (If you are planning to construct a home we highly recommend that you insist that all wood be back-primed with FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat or ECO Primer.)

Most homeowners select an exterior painting contractor on the basis of availability and price, frequently rejecting out of hand a “high bid” which more likely includes proper preparation, quality workmanship and the quality paints that the home requires.

Fine Paints of Europe does not import a paint capable of overcoming problems caused by adverse weather, poor design, inferior materials and poor workmanship during the construction phase or subsequent repainting. Such a miracle coating does not exist.

Fine Paints of Europe does, however, offer a range of high-quality, exterior painting systems suitable for application to sound, properly-prepared exterior surfaces by professional painters and informed homeowners. If your home has successfully held paint in the past, you can expect that our house paints will beautify and protect your home for many years. If your home has experienced exterior paint failure previously, you may well experience similar problems in the future regardless of the brand of paint used.

Please do not consider the use of our house paints unless you are committed to doing a proper job and are aware of the factors which will determine the appearance and durability of the application. Members of our professional staff are prepared to assist you and your contractor in selecting the appropriate Fine Paints of Europe System for your home, and to provide detailed guidance in preparation and application.