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Professional Color Guidance

Emmett Fiore

When using the finest and most durable coatings, it is prudent to select the right color. For those clients who desire professional color advice, Fine Paints is pleased to offer the skills of Emmett Fiore, Color Strategist. Emmett provides complimentary professional color advice and technical support to clients throughout North America. There is never a charge for Emmett’s services.

Photo of Emmet Fiore, Fine Paints of Europe Color Consultant

Emmett is prepared to develop a color scheme for your entire home or work with you on a small project. He will also specify the particular coatings (and primers) which will be most suitable for your project. Fine Paints Of Europe clients are put at ease by Emmett’s affable and confident demeanor—he wants your painting project to succeed as much as you do.

Fine Paints of Europe can match their paint to just about anything, so Emmett encourages clients to send him fabric swatches and pictures of their interiors, furniture, children and even pets to assist him in creating the perfect ambiance! He frequently recommends that clients experiment with “test cans” before making a final decision.

Contact Emmett

  • Emmett is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm E.S.T. at 1-800-332-1556. Please email photos to him at and follow up by calling.
  • Please have your Fine Paints of Europe color brochure or fan deck on hand before contacting Emmett.
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