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Good Brushes Deserve Good Care

Once you invest in good brushes, you will certainly want to care for them properly. We suggest that by following the instructions below, you will substantially improve the quality of your painting results and maximize the serviceable life of your brushes. With good care you will enjoy your brushes for several years.



New brushes occasionally contain factory dust and a few loose hairs. Work the bristles gently against your hand until any dust particles and loose hairs have been removed. Then rinse the brush well in good quality mineral spirits and spin briefly using a centrifugal paint brush spinner.


Immediately after use, brushes used for alkyd finishes should be thoroughly cleaned with Mineral Spirits and a centrifugal paint brush spinner. With a good paint brush spinner, a brush may be cleaned thoroughly in less than two minutes. A good rule of thumb is if you are stopping for a coffee break, there is no need to clean your brush. However, if you are stopping for lunch, it is a necessity.


Brushes which have been used in the application of oil-based finishes should NEVER be used to apply water-based finishes.

FINE PAINTS OF EUROPE is proud to import brushes from the legendary Omega Brushworks of Bologna, Italy. This venerable firm produces a range of brushes made with the famous white, “pure Setola” bristles, noted for their resilience and durability. All OMEGA brushes are handmade and packed full, without a spacer in the ferrule. Hard, vulcanized rubber – impervious to solvents – is used to set the bristles in a stainless ferrule. All OMEGA brushes are mounted on balanced, pecan handles. Quite simply, these are the world’s finest brushes.

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