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Clients often ask us to recommend contractors who enjoy working with our coatings and specialize in their application. They recognize that a well-trained painting professional will achieve the best results in both beauty and durability. Painters who are experienced with our coatings are also frequently competitive in price because they can accurately estimate the job!

Fine Paints is pleased to announce the establishment of our Certified Painting Contractor Program intended to provide clients with a source of carefully selected contractors familiar with our coatings and experienced in their application — contractors whose quality of work we can recommend with confidence.

Each Certified Contractor:
  • Was nominated by a local Fine Paints retailer and confirmed to us to be a professional of good character who has worked with our paints for at least five years.
  • Attended a weekend training session in Woodstock, Vermont where they were formally introduced to each of our paint families and best application techniques.
  • Certified Painting Contractors recognize that their continued certification requires them to provide Fine Paints of Europe clients with first quality work at a fair price.
  • Perhaps, like most of our clients, you already have a good contractor. If that is not the case, please consider contacting one of these selected professionals.

John Lahey, President

Master Certified Painters

The Master Painters designation is for tradesmen and women that have demonstrated a level of craftsmanship and professionalism that clearly separates them from all others. They work tirelessly to elevate their brand as professionals as well as spread the word of Fine Paints of Europe to their existing clients. Most importantly, they have expert knowledge in all Fine Paints of Europe products and demonstrate a strong history of paint purchases to show their support of our brand.

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