ECO Primer / Undercoat


High performance, high-build primer for exterior or interior use.

Surfaces: New woodwork and previously painted surfaces

Application: Intended for use primarily on new wood which will be receiving the ECO Paint System.

ECO Primer/Undercoat is a “hybrid”, water thinnable alkyd coating intended for new interior or exterior woodwork. This primer is the preferred foundation for any ECO or HOLLANDLAC paint system because of its ability to penetrate and lock onto new wood. If absorption of primer occurs, reprime to obtain uniform film build before painting.

Surface should be clean, dry and free of dust, oil, grease and all foreign material that would affect adhesion. Prior to priming, all cracks or surface blemishes should be filled, sanded smooth and cleaned thoroughly. Shellac all knots before priming.

Tools: Use a first quality synthetic bristle brush or “hot dog” type foam roller. ECO Primer/Undercoat may also be sprayed – do not over thin (maximum 2 oz water per Eurogallon™.

Do not apply at temperatures below 40°F or above 80°F, or when relative humidity exceeds 80%.

1L container covers 140 square feet
2.5L container covers 350 square feet


  • Binder: urethanized alkyd emulsion
  • Pigments: high quality pigments
  • Vehicle: Water
  • Thinner: Water
  • Specific Gravity [g/cm3]: 1.28
  • Solid contents
    • by weight: 51%
    • by volume: 37%
  • Viscosity: 115-120 KU
  • Recommended thickness:
    • wet: 220 microns/coat (applied in 2 coats)
    • dry: 80 microns/coat (applied in 2 coats)
  • Drying time: 1 hour tack free, 6 hours recoatable
  • VOC: 72
  • Recommended Mil Thickness per coat:
    • 1 dry coat of 40 microns or 1.575 Mil
    • 1 wet coat of 110 microns or 4.330 Mil
    • *When spraying, additional coats may be necessary to achieve this Mil Thickness

Eco Primer Undercoat – FOR U.S. ONLY

Independent Lab Reports From DL Labs