Oil Primer/Undercoat


High performance, high-build primer for exterior or interior use – may remain unpainted for up to twelve months, before painting.

Surfaces: Woodwork, plaster, previously painted wallboard and previously painted masonry surfaces.

Application: Superior primer for most surfaces to be finished with FPE Paint System. Specially formulated for stain blocking.

Color: Oil Primer/Undercoat is available in white.

*2.5 liter Eurogallon not available in California.

This product cannot be shipped to Hawaii.

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Fiberglass Door Applications: *One coat of Oil Primer/Undercoat must be applied over Key Primer in instances where Hollandlac Brilliant 98 or Satin is the desired topcoat on an unpainted fiberglass door. The Oil Primer/Undercoat would be a separate item which would need to be purchased in addition to the Dutch Door Kit.

FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat is a high performance, tintable primer for most interior and exterior wooden surfaces. This primer is an ideal foundation for the HOLLANDLAC, ECO and Eurolux House Paint systems. Application of Primer/Undercoat is an absolute necessity on new, unpainted surfaces which are to receive HOLLANDLAC Enamel or Swedish Putty. On exterior substrates in poor condition, we strongly recommend the application of Oil Primer/Undercoat – its excellent hiding and filling properties are especially desirable in restoration work as it provides a sound foundation for final coats of HOLLANDLAC or ECO.

The use of Oil Primer/Undercoat makes application of paint easier, faster and more economical. This high performance primer will ensure maximum adhesion and longevity of the finish coat. It is easy to apply and provides good hiding and matchless filling power. A good undercoat prevents penetration of moisture and ensures uniform opacity of finish coats. Oil Primer/ Undercoat is so durable that one coat will protect new exterior wood for up to twelve months without applying a finish coat!

Oil Primer/Undercoat is off-white in color and is recommended for use before all light and mid-tone colors. FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat is available custom tinted to match any color offered by our company.

By using the new tinted primers (especially in darker hues) clients can maximize the opacity and longevity of their painted finishes. Fine Paints requested this new system from our Dutch supplier after learning of its benefits – first discovered by German automobile manufacturers in the 1970’s.

Oil tintable primer was developed as an enhancement for existing paint systems and is not intended to create a one coat paint system over primer.

REMEMBER – a sound paint system is always comprised of at least one coat of high-quality primer followed by a minimum of two coats of finish paint.

Surface should be clean, dry and free of dust, oil, grease and all foreign material that would affect adhesion. Prior to priming, all cracks or surface blemishes should be filled, sanded smooth and cleaned thoroughly. Shellac all knots before priming. This sealer dries in ten minutes.

Tools: Use first quality, clean natural bristle brush (we recommend the Omega Small)

Flats S57’s and Omega Round Sash brush; for exterior work or larger brush projects, we recommend the Omega Large Full Oval S55-2 or S55-3; or professional-quality roller covers in 3/8” nap.

Spray: Under normal environmental conditions, this product requires no thinning. Clean up with FPE Mineral Spirits.

Please note: Fine Paints of Europe recognizes spray application as an excellent method to apply our coatings, however we do not consult on the specifications nor the equipment needed to do so.

New Unpainted Wood: After preparation apply one coat and allow to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before recoating.

On new construction, we highly recommend that all exterior wood be primed on all “six” sides before nailing in place. There is no need for these wooden elements to dry before nailing. By priming the ends and open grain of exterior woodwork, you will prevent moisture intrusion and protect the value of new construction. If primer is absorbed by new wood and uniform surface film is not created, repriming should take place before finish paint is applied.

NOTE: When priming high quality resinous woods such as mahogany, we recommend that wood be wiped down with clean rag and lacquer thinner immediately before priming. This will “leech” out natural surface oils and allow primer to penetrate.

NOTE: When priming new sheetrock or wallboard, use EUROLUX waterborne primer rather than FPE Oil Primer/Undercoat, as the use of an alkyd may result in ”paper lift”. For best results, lightly sand Oil Primer/ Undercoat (220 or finer) before applying HOLLANDLAC Enamel in high focus areas.

Work area should always be well ventilated.

.75L container covers 120 square feet
2.5L container covers 400 square feet

Almost unlimited in original unopened containers.


  • Binder: alkyd resin combination
  • Pigments: high quality pigments
  • Solvent: Mineral Spirits
  • Clean up: FPE Mineral Spirits
  • Specific gravity [g/cm3]: 1.45 for white
  • Solids content:
    • by weight: 75%
    • by volume: 54%
  • Viscocity: 100-105 KU
  • Specular Gloss (60˚): 20-30 GU
  • Recommended film thickness:
    • wet: 70 microns/coat
    • dry: 35 microns/coat
  • Drying time: 2 hours tack free, 16 hours recoatable
  • VOC: 350 g/l


Oil Primer – FOR U.S. ONLY
Oil Primer White – FOR U.S. ONLY

Independent Lab Reports From DL Labs
Independent Lab Reports From DL Labs (Adhesion To Mahogany)