EUROLUX Interior Matte


100% acrylic matte wall paint.

Surfaces: Plaster, wallboard, wood, metals and plastic

Applications: Walls, ceilings or any other surface on which a scrubbable, durable, matte, easily maintained finish is required.

Eurolux Matte is available in white, 10,000 FPE colors and an unlimited number of custom tinted colors.

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Eurolux Interior matte is an odorless, high performance, fast drying waterborne finish suitable for all properly prepared interior surfaces. Eurolux may be applied over sound existing latex or oil finishes without priming, although a better appearance and enhanced durability will result if the surface is first primed with the appropriate FPE Primer. Eurolux Matte White is a non-yellowing coating and recommended for use in those areas of the home in which previous alkyd finishes have yellowed as the result of insufficient sunlight. Eurolux is extremely easy to work with as it dries quickly and is completely free of odor. The VOC of Eurolux Matte is the lowest VOC of any high-quality, waterborne matte finish in the world. This remarkable paint is as scrubbable as oil enamel, which makes it ideal for the active lifestyle. A Eurolux Interior wall application can normally be expected to yield ten to fifteen years of beauty, pleasure and service.

Fine Paints of Europe sells paint systems. We do not sell individual products for use with primers from other manufacturers. Please make certain that you are using the correct Fine Paints of Europe primer specified for your coating.

Coverage rates with Fine Paints of Europe are dramatically better than with domestic coatings when used with one of our “high build- high tooth” primers. Never apply a Fine Paints of Europe paint to a surface which has been primed with a sealer such as Shellac, Bin™ or Kilz™. These are fine products when used for their intended purpose but they do not provide adequate friction for great adhesion with our coatings.

Eurolux Matte flows easily, spreads quickly, and dries in one hour. Do not apply at temperatures below 40˚F or above 80˚F, or when relative humidity exceeds 80%. Surfaces must be dry, clean and free from grease. New walls should be primed with Eurolux Primer/Undercoat before receiving Eurolux Matte topcoats. Eurolux Matte is normally rolled in a two-coat application. For both aesthetic and financial reasons, we recommend that you roll this finish as far as it will go before going back to the pan to reload your roller.

Please note: Fine Paints of Europe recognizes spray application as an excellent method to apply our coatings, however we do not consult on the specifications nor the equipment needed to do so.

New walls: Clean and Sand. If required, fill holes and cracks. Apply one coat Eurolux Interior Acrylic Undercoat. Finish with two coats of Eurolux Matte. For optimal appearance, pole-sand Primer and first coat of Eurolux glass-smooth with 220 paper and remove all dust before applying final coat.

Previously painted walls: Clean and sand. Remove all loose and flaking material. Spot prime exposed substrates with Eurolux Primer/Undercoat or reprime entire surface. Finish with two coats of Eurolux Matte. For optimal appearance, pole-sand Primer and first coat of Eurolux glass-smooth with 220 paper and remove all dust before applying final coat.

Metal, plastic and wood surfaces: Prepare with the appropriate FPE Primer. Refer to primers in directory.


  • Features: Fast-drying, non-yellowing, exceptional resistance to water, solvents and detergents. Offers high resistance against impact damage and burnishing. Excellent adhesion over existing sound finishes which have been lightly sanded.
  • Application: 3/8” nap roller, Omega Orel brush or synthetic domestic brush.
  • Clean-Up: Clean tools immediately after use with hot water and detergent.
  • Drying: Eurolux Matte normally dries in 1 hour (at 68?F/65% humidity) at which point it may be recoated.
  • Coverage: 2.5 liter Eurogallon™ = 400 sq. ft. | 1 liter = 160 sq. ft.


  • Binder: Acrylic copolymers
  • Pigments: Titanium Dioxide, mineral and organic color pigments
  • Vehicle: Water
  • Thinner/Clean-up: Water/Hot Water& Detergent
  • Specific Gravity [g/cm3]: 1.29 (White)
  • Solids contents (white):
    • by weight: 52%
    • by volume: 39%
  • Viscosity: 118-123 KU
  • Specular gloss (60?): 3-5 GU
  • VOC: 50