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In our country, anyone can declare themselves to be a professional painter; there are few licensing requirements or governing boards, and the cost of entering the profession is minimal.  The unfortunate result of this is that a high percentage of those who call themselves painting professional are unqualified opportunists who would like nothing more than to repaint your home every three to four years.  Unfortunately, the quality of today’s domestic coatings usually dictates this frequent, expensive recoating.  (Remember, eighty-five percent of the cost of the job is the labor.)

Under these circumstances, you must be cautious in selecting a painting contractor.  You may find it worthwhile to bear in mind that, as the client, you should be allowed to specify the coatings to be used and the manner in which they are to be applied.  Just as you would hire a carpet, wallpaper or tile installer, you are about to engage the services of a painting professional to “install” the finish you specify.

We note that many painters (even good ones) are at first uncomfortable when introduced to a brand of paint with which they are unfamiliar.  Under these circumstances, we suggest that you provide them with our Specifier’s Manual or website or encourage them to call us at our toll-free number.

In most communities there are at least one or two painting contractors who take great pride in their work.  These same contractors are inclined to be more expensive than their competition but they usually guarantee their exterior work for at least 3 years.  As a rule you’ll get the quality work that you pay for.

While locating a good professional painter may not be an easy task, the results will be worth your effort.  Please keep the following in mind during your search:

Consider using a Fine Paints of Europe Certified Painter.

• Seek a painter who likes to work with first-class finishes (all the good ones do!).  Avoid those who are unwilling to apply a coating which they have not used in the past, or those who demand that they select the coating to be used.

• Seek a professional who will allow you to specify the use of a particular brand of paint. We will be pleased to discuss our finishes with contractors you are interviewing. Remember, you are hiring a contractor to do a specific job which need not include the procurement of the finishes.

• Fine Paints of Europe® Retailers are an excellent source of contractor leads. They are familiar with their contractor clients and are pleased to be able to offer recommendations.

• Obtain at least two written estimates which specify the use of our coatings according to the instructions in this manual. Allow the detailed instructions in the Specifiers’ Manual to become part of the painting contract. (We will be pleased to provide additional copies.)

• Demand a copy of insurance certificates for liability and workman’s compensation with your bids.

• Demand and verify at least two references before signing any contracts. Frequently you will determine that the lowest bidder does not necessarily offer the best value. NEVER shop a paint job on the basis of price alone.

• As good painting contractors are in constant demand, we suggest that you schedule your work well in advance. A quality contractor is well worth waiting for.

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