Hollandlac Eggshell


This product cannot be shipped into the following California counties due to state VOC regulations: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura. 

Interior, oil-based alkyd enamel with a subtle eggshell sheen.

Surfaces: Wood, plaster, wallboard, metals and plastic.

Applications: All sound, properly primed interior wall and trim surfaces.


HOLLANDLAC Eggshell is a durable, premium quality, alkyd enamel with a subtle eggshell sheen. HOLLANDLAC Eggshell is suitable for use on all sound, properly primed interior surfaces. Apply a minimum of two thin, even coats. HOLLANDLAC Eggshell dries to the touch in 4 hours, but should dry for 24 hours before recoating. This coating will yield optimal appearance and performance when applied to a surface primed with the appropriate Fine Paints of Europe primer.

HOLLANDLAC Eggshell is available in whites, off-whites and mid-tone colors from all FPE color tools as well as custom colors.

Fine Paints of Europe sells paint systems. We do not sell individual products for use with primers from other manufacturers. Please make certain that you are using the correct Fine Paints of Europe primer specified for your coating.

Coverage rates with Fine Paints of Europe are dramatically better than with domestic coatings when used with one of our “high build- high tooth” primers. Never apply a Fine Paints of Europe paint to a surface which has been primed with a sealer such as Shellac, Bin™ or Kilz™. These are fine products when used for their intended purpose but they do not provide adequate friction for great adhesion with our coatings.

New unpainted surfaces: after sanding and removing dust, apply one coat of the appropriate Fine Paints of Europe primer (use OIL or ECO Primer on wood.) After sanding primer smooth with 220, apply 2 thin, even coats of HOLLANDLAC Eggshell.

Previously painted surfaces: surfaces previously painted with an oil finish in sound condition may be repainted with HOLLANDLAC Eggshell after lightly sanding and cleaning to remove dust and foreign materials. Surfaces previously painted with latex or acrylic paint or a paint of unknown composition should be sanded and then primed with the appropriate Fine Paints of Europe Primer, which should be sanded smooth with 220 prior to the application of two finished coats of HOLLANDLAC Eggshell. HOLLANDLAC Eggshell should be applied in thin, even coats with good quality, natural-bristle brush ( Omega brushes recommended.) This product may also be sprayed or rolled ( 1/4-inch roller.) Under normal environmental conditions, this product requires no thinning.

All sound, properly primed interior wall and trim surfaces.

Easy to clean. Wash with mild powdered detergent and warm water, rinse and dry (buff) thoroughly to avoid water spots. Please note: all oil-based paints will yellow in absence of UV exposure.

1L container covers 144 square feet
2.5L container covers 370 square feet


  • Binder: Urethane alkyd resin combination
  • Pigments: Titanium Dioxide, mineral and organic color pigments
  • Solvent: Mineral Spirits
  • Clean up: FPE Mineral Spirits
  • Specific gravity [g/cm3]: 1.28 white (varies according to color)
  • Solids by contents (white):
    • by weight: 71%
    • by volume: 51%
  • Viscosity: 88 – 93 KU
  • Specular gloss: (85˚): 14 – 17 GU
  • Recommended film thickness:
    • wet: 65 microns/coat
    • dry: 33 microns/coat
  • Drying Time: 4 hours dust free , 24 hoursrecoatable depending on humidity
  • VOC: 340 g/l