Urethane varnish for interior and exterior* use.

Available in Brilliant finish.

Surfaces: EUROTHANE Varnish provides a clear finish on any unpainted wooden surface

Applications: Floors, stairs, railing, doors, trim, wall-paneling, and furniture

This product cannot be shipped into the following California counties due to state VOC regulations: Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura.

This product cannot be shipped to Hawaii.

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Eurothane is a modern urethane varnish with the appearance of a traditional alkyd formulation. Eurothane resists yellowing, and does not possess the “plastic” appearance common to may urethanes. Eurothane Varnish is easy to apply and dries to a hard finish protecting wood against abrasion, alcohol and water. This formulation results in an elastic and durable finish and is compatible with most modern urethane or traditional varnishes. We suggest that when applying this varnish over an existing finish, test it for compatibility on a small, unobtrusive area before proceeding with the work.

Surfaces to be varnished should be dry, free of dust, chalk, grease and any foreign material which would affect adhesion. Dust and chalk, etc should be eliminated. Remove grease and wax with denatured alcohol. Sound, previously varnished surfaces must be dulled by light sanding.

Tools: Use a first quality, clean natural bristle brush, or lambswool applicator for floors (we recommend the Omega Small Flats, S57’s, or the Omega Large Full Oval, S55-2). NEVER use a brush for varnishing if it has been used previously for painting. New woodwork and floors: After surface preparation (sanding, etc.) and cleaning, wipe down surface with a clean cloth impregnated with denatured alcohol. Apply three coats of Eurothane Varnish, allowing twenty four hours drying time between coats.

Surface should be lightly sanded with very fine sand paper (we recommend 600 grit silicon carbide wet/dry paper that is lubricated with mineral spirits) and tacked between coats.

On previously varnished surfaces: Varnished surfaces which are sound should be sanded, cleaned thoroughly and wiped down with a clean cloth impregnated with denatured alcohol. Apply two or more coats of Eurothane, allowing twenty-four hours of drying time between coats. Surface should be lightly sanded with fine paper – 220 grit – and tacked between coats.

On previously varnished surfaces in extremely poor condition: NEVER shake container. To avoid bubbles varnish should be STIRRED ONLY. For floors, we recommend a MINIMUM of three coats.

NOTE: The surface drying time of Eurothane Varnish is rather quick, so it is very important to apply thin, even coats, especially for flooring.

Easy to clean. Wash (scrub if necessary) with a weak solution of mild powdered detergent and cold water; rinse and dry (buff) to avoid water spots. Do not use liquid household cleaners or harsh detergents as they will dull the surface.

.75L container covers 120 square feet

Almost unlimited in original unopened containers.


  • Binder: Long-oil urethane modified alkyd resin
  • Solvent: White Spirits
  • Clean up: FPE Mineral Spirits
  • Specific gravity: 0.90
  • Solids contents: High Gloss
    • by weight 42.5 44 46
    • by volume 33 35 37
  • Viscosity (emila rot. visc. meter) in Dpas/20°C: 1.0 -2.0
  • Specular gloss
    • High Gloss (60°): 90
  • Recommended film thickness:
    • wet: 60 – 70 microns/coat
    • dry: 20 -25 microns /coat
  • Drying time: 2 to 4 hours tack free | 24 hours recoatable
  • VOC:
    • High Gloss: 494 g/l

* Under normal environmental conditions, this product requires no thinning. Clean up with FPE Mineral Spirits.

Eurothane Varnish Gloss – FOR U.S. ONLY