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McDermaid Painting has been serving the bay area for more than 25+ years. The company owner Gus strives for customer satisfaction and continues to retain past clients as well as new ones. McDermaid Painting offers only the finest paint products to their customers, which is exactly why Fine Paints of Europe is a great match with their company. Having the appropriate skills and artistry to apply FPE is no common craft, precisely why Fine Paints of Europe chose McDermaid Painting to become a FPE certified painter. They understand homeowners face the daunting task of maintaining the painted exteriors of structures that are subject to varied and punishing weather conditions, another reason they offer only the best painting methods and materials. Ranging from high and luxury finishes to small maintenance tasks, McDermaid Painting handles both interior and exterior projects with quality, expertise and integrity.


McDermaid Painting
1117 Independence Ave, Mountain View, Ca 94043
Office: 650-961-7415
Coverage Area: Palo Alto, CA & Surrounding Areas
Graduating Class: 2014

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