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Guggenheim Colors comprises Classical Colors, 150 paint colors inspired by much-loved paintings in the museum’s permanent collection of modern art and Gallery Colors, 50 hues favored by generations of Guggenheim Museum curators, artists, and designers including Frank Lloyd Wright himself.

“We have chosen Fine Paints of Europe to develop these new collections because of the company’s expertise in recreating even the subtlest nuances of color and because of the quality of the paint itself,” says Karen Meyerhoff, Managing Director for Business Development at the Guggenheim Museum. “We also admire their philosophy of customer service, working with clients closely to consider the context and lighting conditions before making a decision about color, in much the same way that our designers work with our curators”.

The paints yield up to 50% more coverage per ounce than coating produced in North America, and the wall paints can be scrubbed without color change or burnishing an ideal combination of beauty and function.

“We at FPE see this collaboration as a fitting tribute to our Dutch roots,” says John Lahey, Founder, Owner, and CEO of Fine Paints of Europe. “For centuries, the Netherlands has been the world leader in paint, for artists as well as for home owners, decorators, and tradesmen. I founded Fine Paints of Europe in 1987 to introduce Dutch enamels to American homeowners after falling in love with the coatings during a trip to Amsterdam and importing a small quantity for my own personal use. Our unique coatings are made from the finest ingredients by Wijzonol Paint Works of Zwolle and meet the highest Dutch standards of beauty, performance and long-term durability.”

“Fine Paints are embraced and enjoyed by clients who recognize that the true value of a paint is determined by the number of years it will beautify and protect. They understand and appreciate that the labor component of a painting project represents more than 90% of the cost of the overall job. Fine Paints clients benefit from the use of more beautiful coatings that typically last two to three times longer than the best domestics proving our corporate slogan, “that there is nothing more expensive than cheap paint,” adds Lahey.

The name and building images of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum are registered trademarks of The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Used with permission.

Both the Gallery Colors and Classical Colors collections were refined by the museum in consultation with Fine Paints specialists, who fine-tuned the selections for a variety of architectural settings and lighting situations, to precisely match each hue.

Both collections are tinted with a unique proprietary system employing two separate color wheels, one for waterborne paints and one for traditional, solvent-borne paints. By utilizing product-specific colorants and avoiding the use of the industry-standard, glycol-based “universal colorants,” the Fine Paints of Europe Tinting System provides a level of accuracy, covering power and beauty unobtainable from any other source.

Coverage rates are typically 30% to 50% more per ounce than conventional domestic coatings.

The Guggenheim Classical Colors and Gallery Colors paints are sold by the Fine Paints of Europe network of well established independent paint retailers throughout the United States and on a direct basis.